Collegiate Christian Community

Navigating the Christian lifestyle with the college life.

Told through the life of Luke Miller.

Luke Miller prays in his dorm room after his daily devotion on March 28, 2023. Miller, 19, is a freshman History Education major at Western Kentucky University, but is involved with Christian Student Fellowship (CSF) on campus. ”I set time aside every day for my devotion,” Miller said. “I read God’s word and meditate over it, so every time I come across a trouble or something good happens, I pray over it.”

Miller writes down notes during his time with the “Lord”. He spends 20-30 minutes in his Bible each day. “I try to practice my faith in most everything I do,” Miller said. “Something as simple as being nice or smiling can open a door to endless possibilities to share the gospel.”

Miller attends CSF on Tuesday nights. The CSF house is located on WKU’s campus next to the Student Publication building. Students come and gather in the house to worship, learn, and fellowship with one another. “My advice to students who are trying to navigate their faith while in college would be to get plugged into a church or campus ministry,” Miller emphasized.

Miller sings with other WKU freshmen to a worship song during Freshman Night at CSF. A group of six to ten freshmen students at WKU get together and worship each week. “I’ve grown up in church my entire life," Miller said, "I fell in love with the atmosphere at CSF. It just felt like home to me.”

Nate McClendon (left), Luke Miller (middle), and Lily Haines (right) react to a drawing at the CSF Art Club on March 30, 2023. The Art Club meets at the CSF house every Thursday at 5 p.m. “You don’t have to be good at drawing or anything,” Haines said, “You’ll meet all kinds of people here, come hang out with us sometime!”

A “Take What You Need” board hangs on display in the CSF House. People come by and select a Bible verse when they are in need of words of encouragement or want to pass it on to someone else who may need them.